Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Secret pirates

The man who does our tax is a pirate.

Not a take-all-our-money pirate of industry, or a burn-extra-CDs techno pirate, but a proper, honest, craggy, eye patch wearing pirate*.

And a few days ago I took Bug and Peanut to the park, and we saw another pirate! A lovely lady had taken the tunic, tights and buckled boots look a step further, and added a low slung belt and hoop earrings.

Clearly there are many secret pirates living amongst us. If there's a club, I want to join!

*he did have some reasonable explanation about glaucoma surgery - I chose to ignore this in my desperate hope that there are, in fact, secret pirate clubs in my city...


  1. Sorry, as soon as I hit Post Comment, I realised how terribly corny that was.

  2. Oh. That is hilarious. I want to join too! But only if I encounter Johnny Depp in all his perfect pirate grunginess...

    He's just dirty in all the right ways, no?