Monday, May 3, 2010

A quick catch up...

I've finally come to the conclusion that mothering, full time work, and blogging can't coexist in my universe. Until I am in a position to blog more regularly (and I want to be!) I will just have to be satisfied with a monthly update. So, since it is now May, here is one for March....

In March, Daddy had been home for about two weeks. We were starting to settle in as a family again, and Baby and Daddy had re-bonded and were ecstatic in each other's company.

We spent most weekends doing family things: a trip to the wildlife park:

We walked up my favourite hill:

We went to a very dear friend's wedding and had another very dear friend take a family portrait:

And we had a slightly-belated-but-no-less-important first birthday party:

A girlfriend had my camera for the day and, despite assuring me that it was completely unintentional, the majority of the birthday shots feature either my rear end or a good look down my dress - Mr Awesome thinks the photos are great! This is one of the better ones.

And finally, I couldn't leave without the addition of a gratuitous Archie photo:

Happy March!

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  1. Mrs Awesome! I am SO glad you're back! I thought you were blogging at the working mum, so I lost this link and kept the working mum one, which I see now has disappeared! How great to find you again, and how awesome to hear of your project similar to my boxroom project ... keep me posted on how that is going!

    Please keep us updated :) It's been great getting to know you and your family through blogging. How beautiful is Baby! She's getting so big. Great that Daddy is home for a bit.