Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Rant

Dear 'Acquaintance',

when I went on holidays last week, for five days, I asked you to collect our mail. Not the stuff in the letterbox, as that might overly burden you, but just any packages that arrive at the front door. It was for security - I didn't want passersby to see that red flag of un-occupancy. I didn't even ask you to put out or bring in our bins, even though they were full of rubbish from our party that you attended. Nevertheless, when we arrived home, there were two packages on the front door step and they had been there three days. I forgave you - no big deal.

However, your complete disregard for my needs does not give you the right to invite me over on the premise of a cup of tea, and then launch into house care details for your month long holiday. If you had actually ASKED if I was able to help you out, I would have done it willingly, because your husband is an old friend of our family. But to just assume? The height of rudeness.

And yes, I will collect your mail. And yes, I will bring it inside and place it 'just so' on the kitchen table. And yes, I will feed your ugly fish. And yes, I will put your bins out. And yes, I will bring them back in again. And yes, I will check your fridge for perishables and discard any you may have overlooked. And yes, I will drop by at night occasionally and check your timer lights are working. (That all made me furious enough.)

But calling me from the road and telling me to pick up and pay for your mending. HELL NO!!! I don't care if they DO lose your grotty kid's pants in the mending shop. YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED!!!!

Rant done. Now if only I had the guts to say this to her face....


  1. Oh!!! Thoughtless!!! Want me to come over and smack her round a bit?

    I sassume you'll leave all her mail uncollected, just as she did to you?

    That's one way to ensure she never asks you again.

  2. Pee on something in her house while she's gone.