Saturday, September 26, 2009


It was the Townsville airshow today. Even though they put it at exactly the same time as the grand final (that's AFL, for those outside the loop) there was still a massive turnout. I tried to take of photos of the planes but they are just too darn fast. I managed to get a couple of Bub in her ear phones though, she's a little more static!

We'd tried out the headphones at home and found them to be very tasty.

When we arrived she was a bit unsure at first - wasn't certain that she looked cool enough to be seen in public.

But when little friend had some too...

..well, then she was comfortable enough with her new image to be caught napping. She always sleeps through the good stuff.

Billion dollar planes shooting past at warp speed? Pffffttt, who needs 'em!

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