Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My little princess and I recently flew down to visit the greats. Our visit was an early mother's day gift from my Mum to my Gran, and it was actually really fun!

I have a beautiful 97 year old grandmother, who has been a graceful and staunch matriarch of my father's family practically for ever. She is slowing up a little now (totally understandably) but she really dug Bub. Bub has just started to garble a little, but usually uses her 'words' to tell me when she is getting tired or on edge, she doesn't vocalise much when she is happy. Nevertheless, when Grandmother had a long chat with her she did her very best to hold up her end of the conversation, with a huge smile the whole time. It was a beautiful, moving moment and I hope I remember it forever. I just wished I had videoed it!

Another great family moment was when my other Gran saw Princess for the first time. Mum stage managed the whole meeting (to a ludicrously annoying degree), but when I stepped out from behind the wall and she spotted Bub and I, the look on Gran's face was fantastic. I was a little worried it would be too much for her, but she was over the shock and wanting a hug in no time.

I am so glad I overcame my nerves about flying with a baby and made the trip!

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