Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

After reading about a girl who photographed one thing she was grateful for every day for a year, I have decided to introduce Thankful Thursday. Every Thursday (or Wednesday or Friday, we're flexible here at the Accidental House) I'll let you all know something that makes me happy, reminding myself in the process.

So, drum roll please, for the inaugural Thankful Thursday....

Today I am so thankful for my sleeping baby. Last night she slept for 7 hours straight (I didn't though, I became worried and got up to check on her very few hours. She was fine!) In the end my dodgy 4am judgement kicked in and I just woke her up for a feed. Next time I won't be such a rookie, and hopefully I'll be confident enough to just leave her be.

She also catnapped long enough this morning for me to have a decent length shower. This was particularly nice as I spent most of Tuesday with shampoo in my hair, because she started hard core fussing halfway through the shower and I couldn't bear it and got straight out to console her. She didn't have another quiet time for hours, but my hair is super clean this week.

Which leads me onto her baby rocker. With one foot I can keep her happily rocking, distracting her for up to five full minutes of hands free time. I can eat, type, sew, or read for up to 5 minutes. It's fantastic! I never knew how much I could accomplish in such a short time.

And that leads me onto anthology books. I visited the library and borrowed two chunky books full of short stories that fit into my 5 minutes of free time. Bliss!


  1. Oh honey! She is an absolute blessing! She certainly is on he way to greatness!

  2. My 2 girls starting sleeping through the night at 1 month also - it was great! Enjoy your sleeping beauty. Diane

  3. Love your blog title, and just found your comment on my site when I was doing some housekeeping on an old post. It is entirely possible that I've found you before and lost you again - I have trouble keeping up with blog-land.

    Anyway, I left another comment on your pav post, which might help.