Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doing words

Little Jenny Wren wrote a Doing Words post, so I have shamelessly copied her idea (and her words) and used them for my own:

Sewing more bibs for Baby, and trying my hand at applique.

Spending a lot of time waiting to catch Baby, as she practices sitting on her own.

Wiping farex and apple off the highchair, in preparation for the avocado and banana mess of lunch.

Wrapping up a book of our wedding photos to send to my Father in law.

Keeping the dogs off the comfy chair, as they went to the beach yesterday and are still a bit smelly and sandy. They are going to the groomers in an hour.

Feeling sleepy. Baby has changed her sleeping habits and decided to party late last night.

Loving that Mr Accident will be able to be home for my birthday, even if he has to leave again straight afterwards.

And here's another:

Planning to have coffee with my friend this afternoon, in the sunshine by the water.

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